Bach B minor Mass reading list

On Saturday 18th April at the University of St Andrews I’m leading a study day on the Mass in B minor, focussing mainly on the Symbolum Nicenum. We’re playing and singing our way through all nine Symbolum Nicenum movements, analysing the music and exploring the background of this great work along the way. Here are some suggestions for further reading:

Cambridge Music Handbook Bach: Mass in B minor (John Butt)
Cambridge University Press: Exploring Bach’s B-minor Mass
Music in the Castle of Heaven – A Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach (John Eliot Gardiner)

And some useful links:

the autograph score online (click through to “2.1 Full Scores”);
an overview of the one per part debate;
Joshua Rifkin on CPE Bach’s rewrite of the Confiteor;
and the Bach Network UK site – links to lots of interesting articles and the latest scholarship.