Embrace Mistakes

I’m passionate not only about music, but about how it engages with its audience and for the messages it sends out about creativity and risk-taking. For a TEDx event at St Donat’s in Wales in April 2012, I delivered a presentation called “Embrace Mistakes.”  It argues that people shouldn’t be put off playing music because their performance won’t be perfect – making mistakes is an important part of music learning, and indeed an important  part of doing anything creative.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills – part of the Civil Service – picked up on this and engaged me for two talks in April 2013.  Facilitator Mary-Louise Clark interviews me about Embrace Mistakes in this video:

Testimonial after the event: “Thank you very much for coming to BIS yesterday to give your talk ‘Embrace Mistakes’. It was great to start our series with such an inspiring, thought provoking subject; and you were a most engaging, riffing and scholarly presenter!  I thought the combination of presentation followed by facilitated discussion – which we haven’t tried before – worked really well. The feedback we’ve received so far supports this, and has been mostly excellent, noting that the quality of conversation was high with people very readily making the link between music and topics of collaboration, cooperation, risk and creativity.”

For more information about future Embrace Mistakes events, please get in touch via the contact page.