If you’re interested in finding out more about my take on classical music and jazz, here’s some information about three things that might be of interest…



First, the Idler Guide to Classical Music. I was commissioned to write it by the excellent people at The Idler in order to introduce classical music to the general reader. In it, I take a close look at four key epochs in classical music history – the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Early Twentieth Century eras – examining one work from each and explaining key terms. At 51 pages long, it’s slim and informative, rather like its author.  If you’d like me to  post you a signed copy in the UK for £10, drop me a line .



Also for the Idler I’ve created The Idler Introduction to Classical Music, an online course covering a thousand years of music from the medieval era up to the present day. Follow this link for more information, and you can watch a short video of me talking about the course on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch here.


Last but by no means least there’s my Idler Guide to Jazz. It was a great experience to shoot this series on location at the Vortex Jazz Club in East London last summer with an ace ensemble of leading British jazz musicians – an overview of how this great art form has developed over the decades, with live on-site examples … check it out here.