::: spring 2019 news :::

I’m not long back from a great trip to New Orleans and Memphis exploring the roots of jazz and blues with ACE Cultural Tours – read the preview here, and consider joining us for round 2 in April 2020.

My Academy of Ancient Music Hogwood Fellowship has been throwing up all sorts of interesting things, including a chance to work on the translation of Handel’s Brockes Passion, which got a 300th anniversary outing at the Barbican on Good Friday. Have a look at the Breaking Down Baroque film we made as an introduction to this remarkable work.

After the success of my online introduction to classical music course for the Idler, an overview of jazz is in the pipeline. We’ll be treating the evolution of jazz decade by decade, filming with a live band at the Vortex in June.  So what’s occupying me this week is what tune to pick for each decade – stay tuned to find out.

Looking further ahead, my collaborative improvising trio Tenor Madness has been awarded a Creative Retreat by Aldeburgh Music in advance of our residency at St Catharine’s College Cambridge in Jan 2020. That’s the month I’ll be directing and hosting a Bach cantata study day at Malta’s Valletta Baroque Festival – most excited about the chance to revisit this amazing repertoire.

As ever, it’s a dizzy mix of classical and improvised music, talking, broadcasting and performing. For full info of what’s coming up, the diary page of my website is the best place to look. Hope you find something there of interest, and look forward to seeing you at something soon!

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January 2020
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why overcomplicate things?

This is my type of equipment:  I’ve had this pre-amp for years, it makes a great sound, and its control panel is, shall we say, refreshingly simple…