*new book out* My Guide to Classical Music is the first in a new series of guide books published by the Idler Academy in Notting Hill, London. Unlike its creator (you might say), the book is slim and elegantly crafted – it comes as a hand-sewn pamphlet in a signed limited edition from Bracketpress, and there have already been some lovely comments:

The book is priced at £12:99; to buy, click here. And I’ve written a blog about how I came to write it – follow this link.

My new radio series for RTÉ Lyric FM , Great Moments in Classical Music, is now up and running. It airs on Sunday afternoons at 4pm, starting on 5th April. The first five episodes are already in the can and sounding great – check out the Great Moments in Classical Music webpage for more information.

Plenty of interesting live dates in April, including a discovery day on Bach’s B Minor Mass which I’m conducting/presenting in St Andrews, and a crash course in Classical music at the Union Club in London’s Soho. Check the diary page for more info.

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July 2015
From the blog:

Bach B minor Mass reading list

On Saturday 18th April at the University of St Andrews I’m leading a study day on the Mass in B minor, focussing mainly on the Symbolum Nicenum. We’re playing and singing our way through all nine Symbolum Nicenum movements, analysing the music and exploring the background of this great work along the way. Here are […]