::: winter 2020 news :::

Taking two programmes of Handel anthems and Bach cantatas to the Valletta Baroque Festival in January was a great experience, and I really enjoyed working with our crack troops from Oxford, the Voices and Instruments of Time and Truth. Click through to this lovely little film of our Bach cantata discovery day which uses the amazing closing chorale of BWV 105 as its soundtrack. Bit of a sombre listen – but then as Henrik says in A Little Night Music, “it’s not gloomy, it’s profound.”

As ever, for updates on the usual mix of classical and improvised music, talking, broadcasting and performing, the diary page of my website is the best place to look. Hope you find something there of interest, and look forward to seeing you at something soon!

From the blog:

why overcomplicate things?

This is my type of equipment:  I’ve had this pre-amp for years, it makes a great sound, and its control panel is, shall we say, refreshingly simple…