Listening Club

As an accredited Arts Society lecturer, and someone who has been lecturing on music nationally and internationally for many years, I started the Listening Club in peak lockdown in the spring of 2020. It’s been really gratifying to see a community of music lovers coming together to engage in our weekly series of online classes, which feature insights into a great piece of classical music, some cultural context, and the chance to ask questions in a Q&A.

Our first Listening Club season ran from May to August 2020, and is now on a late summer break. Expect a return in the autumn, with plans including a Bach series, and much more!

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As someone totally unfamiliar with the Monteverdi Vespers I found your broadcast today thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable … 

I knew I would enjoy this morning’s session! I knew the music a bit  – had sung in it at Choir (badly….) – but there was so much more to learn/listen to/think about.  thank you!

Thanks for opening eyes this morning into another world … we marvel at how you keep concentration while pressing all this buttons at the same time!


Jump in and join us!