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New series announced for the New Year: Core Classical examines great works by Haydn, Mozart and early Beethoven, and the formation of the Classical style

Listening Club Core Classical runs on Monday mornings at 11am from 4th January to 8th February 2021 inclusive. It’s a series of sixty-minute sessions on Zoom – attendees can either join live or catch up later in their own time.

Core Classical overview and music list

This course heads right back to the source of classical concert music as we know it today. Focussing on the key decades of 1770-1800, and listening to one key work each week, we explore each of the main instrumental forms of the Classical era:  sonata, concerto, symphony and string quartet, in the hands of four of the greatest composers of the time: Johann Christian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

  1. Johann Christian Bach           Keyboard sonata with violin accompaniment, op. 10 no. 1 (1773)
  2. Joseph Haydn                          String quartet in E flat op. 33 no. 2, “The Joke” (1781)
  3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Wind serenade in E flat K. 375 (1781)
  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Piano concerto in D minor K. 466 (1785)
  5. Joseph Haydn                          Symphony no. 104, “The London” (1794)
  6. Ludwig van Beethoven          String quartet op. 18 no. 3 (1798)

In each session we both dive in to examine each piece closely and step back to reflect on the social context of music at the time, so that by the end of the course attendees will have a thorough grounding in all that’s best about the Classical style.

Core Classical practicalities

The fee for the six-week course fee is £60 ​- book your place by email here, and you’ll receive a reply with the payment information. If money is tight, and you’d still like to attend, please do still get in touch. Gift packages are also available: £60 for a place to attend the Listening Club Core Classical series, and £70 to join the Listening Club Core Classical series and receive a personalised copy of Sandy’s Idler Guide to Classical Music. Both options include signed gift certificates. Each talk is recorded and a link sent to all subscribers after the session for a time-limited catchup. Those attending live have the opportunity to discuss the music and join in the Q&A.

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What people have said about Listening Club sessions throughout 2020

As someone totally unfamiliar with the Monteverdi Vespers I found your broadcast today thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable … 

Thanks for opening eyes this morning into another world … 

I knew I would enjoy this morning’s session! I knew the music a bit, but there was so much more to learn/listen to/think about. thank you!